Everything You Need to Know About Moonlight's Naomie Harris' Oscars Beauty

We collectively decided to go for symmetry for Naomie's look to complement the clean lines of her (Calvein Klien) dress. It was all about enhancing the nuances of colour in the hair and high shine, and a streamlined sihouette. My favorite product for this look is Oribe Royal Bloout to prep the hair and retain shine and repel frizz from building up. 

I started by applying Roayl Blow Out to Wet Hair and drying the hair with a hairdryer and natural bristle brush ad working very close to the head to eliminate volume. After taking a straight cecntre part I used HarryJosh Ceramic Styling Iron to seal the shine in. I finishe dthe look with Oribe Shine Light Reflecting Spray. 

Deanna McCormackComment